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~*~Love is Forsaken~*~

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Welcome to the exciting world of me that...isn't all that exciting!

My interests vary, but I'm definitely a NERD whose main focus is reading, writing, and gaming. I've always loved to tell stories, but first put pen to paper in the 3rd grade. One day I hope to publish my own book(s), but that would first require me to write it.

I'm a mama bear to two amazing, smart, wild children, and you'll constantly hear me rambling about them. They are the world to me.

Any questions, feel free to ask. I'm open, sarcastic, and blunt. Please comment to be added. Friend me, I'll friend you~!

Fanfiction.Net ~ My [poor] attempts at fanfiction.
penbrightblade ~ A "Fic Pic" community created by yours truly. Unfortunately, it hasn't been active in quite some time.
Amazon Wish List ~ A List for your enjoyment.

Zack x Cloud x Aeris is Life After Death Love