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~*~Love is Forsaken~*~

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Welcome to the exciting world of me that...isn't all that exciting!

I'm a friendly person by nature, and I'll generally talk to anyone who approaches me. I talk--a LOT--once I warm up to someone (most people think I'm a b***h when they first see me; I dunno why), and if you befriend me, I'll hold on to you for life. I'm never rude, even if I don't particularly like someone, and you rarely see me without a smile on my face. I tend to hang out with the guys and am sometimes perceived as "too normal" to be a woman. Nobody believes in TMI when they talk to me for some reason. Born in California while my mom was in the Marines, I moved to Kentucky two weeks after that and have been in the same area ever since. I love the country, and yes. I do have an accent. Although it amuses me to no end. "Accent? What accent?"

I have seven siblings--four brothers (David *step*, Chad *step*, Darryl *half*, Steven *half*) and three sisters (Amanda *half*, Madison *half*, Krista *half*), although I was only raised with my three brothers, David, Chad, and Darryl. They are my family, regardless of past and blood.

I've been married since July 22, 2006, at the age of 18. If I could go back, I'd do it all a bit differently, but I don't regret it. We've been through a lot, and despite the fighting and how much I complain about him, he's always accepted and trusted me. I'm also Mama Bear to two cubs, Lucas *2010* and Morgan *2012* Mess with them, and I'll happily tear you limb from limb.

I work here as a CNC Machinist since September 2006. I started on night shift, but switched to Weekend Warrior in 2012. I am currently loving it.

I have both Mexican and Cherokee heritage, and I've recently begun getting in touch with my Cherokee roots. I've become a member of the Overhill Nation (see here) in Tellico Plains, TN and will be named at the upcoming Gathering in April 2013. UPDATE: My Cherokee name is now Speaks Softly. Lucas is Talking Leaves, and Morgan is Gentle Breeze.

My interests vary, but I'm definitely a NERD whose main focus is reading, writing, and gaming. I've always loved to tell stories, but first put pen to paper in the 3rd grade. One day I hope to publish my own book(s), but that would first require me to write it.

Any questions, feel free to ask. I'm open, sarcastic, and blunt. Please comment to be added. Friend me, I'll friend you~!

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